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What about Medications?          

Many common issues are best treated with an approach integrating both counseling and medication. Some of these issues might include depression, anxiety, panic, sexual performance, ADHD and sleep difficulty. Connie Studer, M.A., LAMFT works with each client to develop a customized approach, utilizing the most effective combination of medication and psychotherapy. For clients who are potentially interested in medication, a two part consultation process is recommended.

First, the client meets with the psychotherapist for an initial consultation and diagnostic evaluation. During this meeting, the therapist will screen the client for symptoms of depression, anxiety, sexual dysfunction and other issues which might benefit from medication as well as psychotherapy. The client's background, life experiences and medication history will also be examined. After discussing the client's treatment goals and resources, a customized treatment plan will be agreed upon.

If your therapist determines that medication may be indicated she will refer you to a psychiatrist (MD) for an evaluation.

Combining this evaluation with the therapist's recommendation, the MD will prescribe the appropriate medication and, where needed, medical follow-up. Throughout this process, the psychotherapist and psychiatrist work in tandem, offering the client a uniquely comprehensive, holistic treatment experience.

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