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Couples’ Counseling
Most relationships are imbalanced in certain areas, leading to recurring power struggles and arguments. Areas such as sexual frequency, financial matters, and child-rearing are common conflict areas. It can be useful to explore these conflicts and imbalances with the aid of a relatively unbiased observer. (In couples’ counseling the “relationship” is the client.) Certain power struggles and cooperative dynamics may have become so habitual or automatic in an intimate relationship that the individuals within the relationship may have learned to simply "settle," accepting areas of chronic dissatisfaction within the relationship as "the way things are." The therapist draws the couple's attention to various patterns underlying stubborn conflicts without taking sides or laying blame. Since clients in couples counseling are encouraged to understand their individual issues as they relate to couple dynamics, supplemental individual therapy is sometimes suggested as a means to maximize and accelerate couples work.

Preparation for Commitment
You have chosen the person with whom you expect to spend the rest of your life. Perhaps you are planning a wedding or a commitment ceremony. What can you do to prepare yourselves as a couple for a future of love, support, and fulfillment?
A course in marriage/commitment preparation (Prepare/Enrich) has been shown to help couples gain skills that will be necessary in the years to come.
You will learn skills to help you as a couple with:

  • Communication
  • Stress, including wedding stress
  • Conflict resolution
  • Financial management
  • Sex and affection
  • Children and parenting

The course is typically five 50 minute sessions and includes a workbook and personalized report.
Link to learn more about Prepare/Enrich http://www.Prepare/enrich.com
Heteroflexible Therapy, Ltd openly welcomes both married and unmarried, heterosexual, and same-sex couples.  

 Connie was a contributor to the following book with great tips for couples. See page 117. You can purchase it on Amazon here.

Click on cover for larger version.

Tips for Resolving Conflict Over Managing the Children - An Interview with Therapist Connie Studer on the Lifestyle Website.


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